Monday, June 23, 2008


Kids really are the best form of entertainment. Sure they can be a hassle. You have to feed them, cloth them, discipline them, diaper them....the list really goes on an on. And rarely are you thanked. BUT they sure can make you laugh. Sam is doing the funniest things all the time. Tonight we were watching TV and Sam found my sunglasses. He very quickly started to attempt to put them on. Scott and I started laughing at him, so he decided this must be funny and started laughing too. I really love that little boy. And who needs Comedy Central when Sam is living right in your house?

To see more pics of Sam in Sunglasses Click below!
2008_06_23 Sam wears sunglasses

Midland fun

Midland is really a great place to live when you have little kids. There are a ton of little subdivision parks scattered all through town. Additionally there are larger parks (like Plymouth Park) with a huge play place, "The Fun Zone". We visited the fun zone last week and Sam, Nate, and I rode down the big slide together.

Over the weekend, we went down to the Tridge. The Tridge (for those not familiar with Midland) is a one of a kind structure. It is a three way bridge that connects the 3 river banks where the Tittabawasse River joins the Chippewa River. The Tridge marks the beginning of the Rail Trail. It is an approximately 30 mile long trail that starts in Midland and ends in Clare. We walked around the park and walked about a half mile out from the Tridge.

Sam at the beginning of the Rail Trail (mile marker 0)

Sam and Scott walking down the rail trail

As Scott began his job search, we were sad to consider leaving our community here in Midland. We have really grown attached to the small town way of life and all that it has to offer. Less traffic, kinder people, and easier/slower pace of life; but most of all we would miss the friends here who have become like our family. I always say we have a great Midland family. Even though none of our "family" lives in Midland, our extended family sure does. We love our doctors, day care providers, co-workers, and friends from church, and they have all become our family away from our family.

Last week Scott was successful at finding a job. And it is here in Midland. So we won't be leaving soon. Sure we are saddened because that means we won't be moving back down to the Detroit area and our "real" families. But it is nice to be staying in our house and keeping our Midland family!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

OK hopping on the blog bus

I guess it is time...I get asked, "Do you have a blog?" and I say "No, I don't have the time". But that is kinda a cop-out! I don't know how often I will post, but as Sam and Nate get older and are doing cute things that I want to tell people about I think a blog could be useful. So I caved. So welcome to mini stories about Moore Boys, The Scott and Stephanie Moore Boys! Here it is the Moore blog.

I guess I should add a picture for my first entry. My favorite most recent picture of my boys!